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Advance Auto Locksmith proudly offers car key replacement services to Orlando drivers. Our locksmiths provide key duplication services just like your dealership, but at a more affordable price.

Parts of the Key

Advance Auto Locksmith is your full service car key replacement service

This is just a small sample of the types of car, van, truck, and motorcycle keys, fobs, and remotes we can duplicate.

They may look fairly simple, but today’s car keys are comprised of various parts that each have their own special job.

  • The bow is the part of the key that you hold when you’re operating it. It is usually shaped like a circle or a rectangle and is generally where your key fob buttons are located. Most bows on today’s car keys have a plastic cover that houses a transponder chip.
  • The bitting, which may also be called the ridges or teeth of the key, are the cuts that move the lock’s internal mechanisms. Depending on the lock, the bitting may be on both sides of the key, and on newer cars, the bitting may be in a snake-type pattern on the sides of the key.
  • The key’s wards prevent it from fitting in locks other than those on your vehicle. They don’t affect the internal components in any way, but they will prevent your Ford key from fitting into a Chevrolet lock.
  • The tip of the key, which is at the opposite end of the bow, is what you line up with the keyway before inserting it. Today’s car keys can be inserted two different ways, meaning that you don’t have to worry about inserting the key upside down.
  • The key blade holds the bitting, the wards, and the tip. When the blade is fully inserted into your vehicle’s lock or ignition, the rotation of the key will unlock the vehicle or start it up.

Types of Car Keys

Wafer keys can be identified by their grooves on the blade’s top and bottom. By themselves, wafer locks aren’t very secure and can be easily opened with jiggle and wave keys, or other similar tools. To improve their security, transponder chips are often inserted into the bow. While this may not keep a thief from breaking into your vehicle, it will prevent them from starting it.

Slider keys, which are used in newer vehicles, are recognizable by the snake-like pattern on the blade. They are often hidden within the fob and are released when a button is pressed. Like wafer keys, they contain a chip that enables you to use it to turn the car on.

Key fobs are the electronic part of the key. Most key fobs have buttons to lock and unlock the vehicle as well as open the trunk or sound an alarm, and others have buttons that allow you to start your vehicle remotely.

Advance Auto Locksmith: Your Car Locksmith in Orlando, FL

At Advance Auto Locksmith, we specialize in offering security solutions for drivers in Orlando, FL. We provide car key replacement services for all makes and models. We can easily make you backup keys or even replacement keys for your vehicle if you’ve lost the original set. We are certified, insured, and registered, so you can trust that you’re receiving high-quality work, and our honest pricing provides peace of mind. In addition to having a real location, we have a mobile locksmith service that meets you right where you are.

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